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Reflexology is a relaxing and therapeutic foot massage

Reflexologists believe that the treatment stimulates the body’s own natural healing processes. Points on the foot – “reflexes” – correspond to specific parts of the body. 

Gentle massage of the reflexes can enervate the body, reduce stress and anxiety and promote healing. 
Reflexology for total relaxation
Because reflexology treats the whole body through the feet, it is possible to treat conditions of the circulatory system, muscular system, lymphatic system, endocrine system and skeletal system. 

Reflexology massage is completely safe during pregnancy, and can provide relief from many pregnancy symptoms.
Reflexology massage at Tranquility Float is a gentle and grounding treatment that leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. Chris uses a combination of foot and ear reflexes to treat your symptoms.

The most common reasons that people prefer a reflexology treatment over a traditional full body massage are:

  • Fibromyalgia (or other pain including nerve pain) makes pressure or touch on the body uncomfortable
  • Pregnancy or pre-pregnancy
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Sleep disorders
Reflexology can help pregnancy
Sessions are for an hour, and you remain fully clothed for the treatment. 

Reflexology is a wonderful stand-alone therapy, but it is incredible in conjunction with a float.   Tranquility Float offers a Feet & Float package, and it is highly recommended that you make time for both treatments in the same day. 

By relaxing and letting go of all tension and stress with a reflexology treatment first, your experience in the float tank is much deeper, and you more quickly achieve a state of supreme calm.

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