What happens when I float

When you arrive for your float, you'll be greeted by friendly staff, and given a personal induction. During the induction, you'll have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your float. Tranquility Float has two tanks, each in their own private room, with own shower. So you can come with a friend, have your float and meet back in the tea room afterwards to swap stories. Each tank has it's own internal light, which you can leave on if you choose. There is also an internal call button, in case you need assistance, and the doors slide open and closed very easily. It is not necessary to close the door fully for you to experience the full benefits of floating. If you think that claustrophobia may be an issue for you, you can relax. Chris has a very strict "no float no pay" policy, so if you are feeling uncomfortable and would prefer to get out, you won't be charged. In more than three years, and over hundreds of floats, no one has ever left their float early! Once you are inside the tank (which is 2.4m long and 1.5m wide), you feel cocooned and nurtured. It feels spacious and expansive. Tranquility Float provides ear plugs, towels, shampoo and hair dryers, so all you need to bring is yourself! Each float goes for one hour, and you shower before and after. In a former life, Chris was a water quality scientist, and the water is pristine clean. It is fully filtered three times before and after each float, and is tested daily in the centre. 

While you are in the float tank, anything can happen. A lot of people sleep on their first float, but find that as their float practice builds, their ability to clear their mind increases, and they find themselves naturally meditating and relaxing without any effort. Often, the hour flies by, as you have completely switched off your awareness of time, and have gone to a deeply restorative state of mind. It is worth knowing that, like anything, there can also been times when you float, when your mind struggles to switch off. You may go over lists in your head, and feel frustrated that you're not 'doing it right'. Well, there is no one right way, and if you have a busy-minded float, it is a great opportunity to practice observing your thoughts and letting them go. Your body gets plenty of physical benefits just from being in there.

After an hour of relaxation, gentle music is played through the tank to wake you up, and you can stretch, get out when you're ready, and shower ready to re-enter the world absolutely stress free. After your float, have a relaxing cuppa in our indoor jungle... admire our banana tree (only three more years until bananas!)... browse through the luscious @lovelil.com.au scarves we have hanging, or the divine @greenwashskin vegan soap and lipbalm... our just chill. Take the time you need to consolidate what you experienced in the tank. There's no need to hurry

🙂 no need to talk

🙂 just breathe and be ?

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