Can I float when I'm pregnant?

Yes you certainly can but if you have any doubts at all be sure to check with your doctor first.

 What are the benefits of floating while pregnant?

Float therapy is relaxing for any body, but is particularly therapeutic for pregnant bodies. The 350kg of Epsom salt in each tank - which makes you float - is absorbed through the skin, and is essential for muscle repair and neurological function. So your sore and tired muscles get regenerated by magnesium absorbed transdermally. Additionally, the "weightless" element of float therapy means that your aching hips, ankles and feet enjoy an hour of pure respite.

A bonus of being in the float tank, where stimulation from noise, light and temperature variations are reduced, is that women report feeling connected  with their babies. In a warm and comfortable space, where you can hear only your heart-beat, feeling the kicks and wiggles of your little one is extra heightened.

Most women enjoy being able to lie on their backs - even late into their pregnancy - as the buoyant water supports your baby and takes the pressure off your spine and vagus nerve. If you're not comfortable on your back, we have float pillows and noodles for you to use to find a comfortable position. In this way, it is even possible to lie "face down" on your belly, which a lot of women really miss during their pregnancies. Float therapy for pregnant women is a wonderful way to switch off and take some real time out from the stress of life, and the exhaustion from growing a new human. 

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